Delphin cleaning system

Product Introduction

Delphin is a multi-functional water-based cleaning system where all production and accessories are come from Germany. It has four design patents. Delphin highly praised the real use of water cleaning and removing dust concept, emphasizing there is absolutely zero filter and dust bag in order to be environmental natural. With the main design "L-Lamella" separator, it can effectively filter dust particles, micro-bacteria and micro-organisms. The filtration performance is almost perfect, reaching the perfection of water filtered cleaning effect. The new cleaning system, combined with vacuum and air purification in one, adding environmentally friendly sterilization formula which provides sterilization and disinfection functions to protect the health and hygiene of home environment. Its design is unique, being able to separate dust from the air and adhere to the water. As the separator produces a strong centrifugal force, dust and dirt can be separated in water.

Patent invention

Patent Invention

We have been proud of the invention -- "L-Lamella" technology is invented by Proair GmbH, it is our exclusive patented technology. Our R&D team invented the "L-Lamella" separator after testing hundreds of different separators.

One of our innovations includes changing the linear axis from the separator into an L-axis. When the separator rotates, "L-Lamella" will create an internal vacuum point that will capture the most of the dust. That is why Delphin can be used without any filter.

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Product specifications

Product Specifications

  • Size (length x width x height):
    - body without trolley: 30cm x 30cm x 41cm
    - with trolley: 39.5cm x 33.5cm x 47.5cm
  • Power consumption: 100w to 1200w (in response to the user to adjust the speed switch)
  • Speed: 22,000 revolutions per minute



Delphin products received a number of certificates, confirming that Delphin is an effective cleaning system.

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