"The cleanest place you think it is, the dirtiest it actually is!"

  1. Air Quality -- Indoor air is 5-10 times more dirty than outdoor air
  2. Poor air quality causes physical discomfort easilyIt is well known that the air pollution is getting worse every day but is staying at home getting you much better air quality? According to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows that the quality of indoor air is 5-10 times dirtier than the outdoor air but do you know why? In fact, the reason is very simple, do you find the air outside is fresher after raining? This is because "wet dust cannot fly". The nature of environment is a giant system that washes away dust and bacteria by raining to keep the air clean, like a big giant air purifier. To achieve the same quality of air purification in our home we must rely on Delphin cleaning system. When you use Delphin to purify the air in your home, you will certainly feel refreshed!

  3. Dust mite -- reason of causing various types of allergy and sensitive symptoms
  4. Home is full of dust mitesDust mites is one of the main causes of human allergiesHome is full of dust mites which makes it one of the main causes of human allergies and the most common type of indoor allergens. According to the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, dust mite is the most important factor of causing asthma in children. In addition, according to the survey, dust mite is also the most common cause of allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis and eczema. The allergic reaction can be frequent rhinorrhea, sneezing, itchy eyes, tears and mucosa swelling, throat pain, itching, ear itching, throat and nasal mucosa swelling and so on.

    Dust mite is an eight-legged arthropod which cannot be seen with naked eyes. Observations are done under microscopes. Animal dander such as skin flakes and the stratum corneum that come off from human body are the main food for dust mite so you may easily find their footprints in mattresses, carpets, clothes, soft toys. The main reason of causing allergy or other allergic reactions is the excrement of dust mite being inhaled into human's body while sleeping. The weight of the excrement is very light which makes it easy to fly in the air. Therefore, dust mites are everywhere, it is difficult to avoid.

  5. Poison dust -- household dust contains heavy metal and harmful substances
  6. According to the survey of environmental groups found that household dust contains heavy metal and the amount has exceeded the prescribed standards. Experts pointed out that heavy metal dust inhaling into human body hinders children's brain development, increases the risk of cancer and so on. Household dust heavy metal includes mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, etc. which are gathered from different ways in the house, such as car exhaust, indoor furniture and electrical appliances which leads to the release of heavy metals. Moreover, renovation of a house produces a lot of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene and benzene-based substances, breathing those chemicals induces a variety of respiratory diseases, and even leukemia.

  7. The second-timed pollution -- filters and dust bags produce even more pollution
  8. Traditional household vacuum cleaner, air purifier has a filter or dust bag as a barrier or dust collection. However, after collecting a lot of dust, dander, hair, garbage, insect corpses, etc. after each use. They all attached to the surface of a filter or are hidden in the dust bag. The higher the density of the filter, the more dust and garbage are more likely to block or damage which leads to affecting the suction and air flow of a vacuum. Storing up the dirt in a dust bag generates bacteria, the hotbed of the virus, making it continue to breed and stink. Having such a strong suction in a normal vacuum cleaner you will find it even more dirty and toxic in the next time you use, resulting in "second-timed pollution", which is why it stinks when you are using a vacuum cleaner. This second-timed pollution will seriously affect the respiratory system and human health.

    Only 3% of dust in the air can be seen by naked eyes, another 97% of dust is so subtle that cannot be noticed when they float in the air. The traditional cleaning tools can only remove visible dust from the surface. When having a Delphin, those 3% of the visible dust in the air can be completely removed, and we can clearly see that the dust in the room has reduced. At the same time, that 97% of the invisible dust has also been completely cleared. The result is conspicuous, you will feel comfortable by just having such amount of fresh air.

    Delphin multifunctional indoor cleaning system, designed by Proair in Germany, owning four design patents and all accessories are from Germany. Delphin cleaning system is an environmentally friendly product which highly praised the real use of water cleaning concept, emphasized that there is no filter and dust bags required. With the main design L-Lamella separator, filtration efficiency can achieve up to the perfection of water filtered cleaning effect which can effectively filter dust particles, bacteria and microbes. The new cleaning system, combined with vacuum and air purification in one, adding environmentally friendly sterilization formula which provides sterilization and disinfection functions to protect the health and hygiene of home environment.