1. Floor brush
  2. Floor brushCleaning hard floors, walls and ceilings.

  3. Dusting brush
  4. Dusting brushCleaning furniture, picture frames, plants, radio, television etc.

    Without bristles insert: Cleaning a clogged sink.

  5. Upholstery brush with bristles
  6. Upholstery brush with bristlesCleaning upholstery, cushions, curtains and cover.

    Without bristles: stains and liquids.

  7. Crevice tool
  8. Crevice toolCleaning of small crevices and corners or to blow out radiators, private car interior etc.

  9. Combi brush
  10. Combi brushSwitchable: hard floors and carpets.

  11. Electric brush
  12. Electric brushCarpets, upholstery and mattresses.

  13. Water basin
  14. Water basinFill in water to the basin to the level indicator before using Delphin. Dust will be adhered to the water while using Delphin.

    After use: dispose the sewage from the water basin into the toilet and wash the basin.

  15. Spraying bottle
  16. Spraying bottleUse of high pressure spraying method, with water and disinfectant. Use to deep clean the inside of air conditioner and remove odor.