• The technology of using water and L-Lamella separator for purifing the air brings you a new and unique experience.
  • The L-Lamella separator rotates in water at a rate of 22,000 revolutions per minute and forms a whirlpool. The water surface is thus increased, which allows dust and even tiny allergens, molds and even toxic gases, such as formaldehyde, to be integrated in the water.
  • The second task of the L-Lamella separator is to separate the water from the air. In this, the special shape and centrifugal force of the L-Lamella separator play the most important role.
  • In order to use the function of the purification of air, Proair from Germany developed a special magnetic motor. This motor not only extends the service life, but also to ensure that it is used in high-intensity air purification process.
  • Just a switch and equipped with speed control, it can be saving energy and reducing noise.
  • Delphin is environmentally friendly and has no paint on it. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly watercolor paint.
  • Delphin's design is also excellent even for the clean-up process after use. Whenever you are taking out the dust bag inside a traditional vacuum cleaner, during the process, bacteria and virus will be blown out with the dust, spreading with the air. When using Delphin, all you need to do is just to open the machine to drain the sewage, so you can ensure that the bacteria, dust and even the sensitization source are completely separated from the air, and being trapped in the water.
  • Delphin is also superior for the replacement of materials. The traditional cleaning tools need to be replaced frequently, so that is neither good for economic reasons nor environmentally friendly. All you need to do with a Delphin is only changing the water after each use. It is convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.


  • Self-drying device that prevents germs and bacteria.
  • No filtering bags, filters, foams or other materials that reduce the airflow.
  • The patented L-Lamella separator ensures that dust adheres to the water at its best.
  • Ready to provide all the accessories.
  • The Delphin S8 magnetic motor is available for up to 10 years of maintenance (private use).
  • Owning the world's unique patent recognition sensor which automatically adjusts the power level for cleaning the carpet and mattress.
L-Lamella -- one of Delphin's patent inventions

* Patented L-Lamella separator

L-Lamella -- one of Delphin's patent inventions